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Hikari Hattori's Personal Note & Freepost

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Hikari Hattori
my name is Hikari Hattori, I'm a scholar. Born in Osaka. I descended the Kansai. like with chocolate, cheese, dance, rock music, blog, light, band, emo, purple, pink, red, black, blue, and loved by anyone. hate fire, dogs, hated, ostracized, insulted, hurt, and being deceived. I have an element of light for fear of fire, windstorm hate, fear of a thunderbolt, and something that freezes, that is ice. love with cheap goods, practically hate arrogant and stingy. irritable nature, weird, slightly autistic, grumpy, a little jealous, moody, not clever, closed, naive, aloof, pessimistic, rebellious, competitive, likes to turn on the lights. want to be useful for anyone
I became CORRUPTED because they INSULT me !

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